M1 Mac Mini Review.

Apple-designed M1 chip for a giant leap in CPU, GPU, and machine learning performance. 8-core CPU packs up to 3x faster performance to fly through workflows, 8-core GPU with...

KVC Sauce

KVC is equipped to offer both thermally sterilized and frozen products. The products range from Sauces, Jams, Cordials, Nectars, Chutneys, Treacle, Fruit Juices, Fruit Pulp, Canned fruits & vegetables to...

MD Sauce review

MD Sauce is a product of MD Lanka Canneries Limited. MD Sauce is available in many flavors’ and variations and is widely available is sri lanka.

Kist sauce Review

KIST Sauce comes in both spicy and sweet flavor’s such as Tomato, Tomato Ketchup, Chilli, Hot Chilli, Chilli and Garlic, Sweet and Sour, Mango BBQ, and Devilled Sauce, KIST...

Rich Life Yoghurt Review

Richlife Yoghurt with Probiotics has strawberry, mango, vanilla flavored yoghurt and also has Drinking yoghurt which comes in 6 different flavors and is available all around sri lanka.